Step 1: Initial Consultation Call

  • Gather information on your injury, training, and sport history
  • Postural & movement assessment to determine the best plan of action
  • Discuss goals and general design and implementation of your program

If you selected the hourly, one-time call option, this will be the first few minutes of the call.

Step 2: Program Creation

  • After the initial consultation, I will send you a link to schedule the “Program Review” session
  • If fitness/weight training is part of your goal, I will also send you access to the online training platform
  • During the Program Review, we will have a 30 minute call where I will walk your through each aspect of your program & exercises while clarifying any final details

Step 3: Implementation

  • Complete program in 4-6 week periods, geared towards building you towards your goal
  • Weekly video check-in to discuss progress, adjustments, and questions you may have
  • Unlimited access to my personal line 24/7 for questions, comments, and feedback

Each phase of your program is designed 100% specific to your own assessments, lifestyle, and goals.

Each phase lasts between 4-6 weeks depending on how the individual responds and their own unique needs and aspirations.


We will be in constant communication to ensure you are getting the most possible enjoyment, satisfaction, and results from your program.

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personal training portland oregon Individually Programmed for You I don't do cookie-cutter programs for my clients. Everything is 100% individual
personal training in portland Easy to Track Day-by-day layout makes it simple to stay on track
Simple to Use Easy to read programs & statistical progress tracking
Online Individualized Training
Per Month
100% individualized program
Weekly check-in for progressions & adjustments
Access to online training platform
Postural & Movement Assessment
Specialized exercises for postural alignment & movement efficiency
Online Individualized Training
Per Hour
One-time hourly call
Postural & Movement Assessment
Programming & exercise selection recommendations
Specialized exercises for postural alignment & movement efficiency