I respect the fact that what might work for someone else might not work for you.
Therefore, the first step is to do an assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your body and how we can best design a plan to achieve your goals and overcome your limitations.

Then, we will use specific parameters and assessments as objective guidelines to ensure we are making tangible results you can see and feel.

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My approach is to respect how other structures of the human body influence one another and how compensations can occur based off of the natural asymmetrical nature of the human body, which can cause limitations in movement, performance, and posture.

For example, many people think they need to stretch their hamstrings because they feel "tight". But, what if it was because the pelvis was chronically forward, causing the hamstring muscle to be pulled on from it's attachment sites? So it's already "lengthened out". The slack in the muscle is already taken up, and therefore stretching would be making the problem worse.
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