BIOMECHANICS & PERFORMANCE GROUP Revolutionize your appraoch to movement & performance

Slide WHO IS IT FOR? Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, & Rehab Practitioners who want to network & grow together with other professionals in the field.

Are interested in the following areas:
Improving Movement Capabilities
Increasing Weightroom Performance
Increasing Energy Systems (aerobic/anaerobic) Performance
Maximizing Speed Development
Business Principles

My goal is give you the tools to separate yourself from other coaches and trainers. My approach will revolutionize the way you look at, manage, and program for your clients & athletes.

Slide person_add Post-Course Group Get LIFETIME access to the post-course group. I offer long-term support to help you progress your knowledge and skillset. Also included is a monthly live Q&A call. What's Included Weekly discussion/networking opportunities in groups to work through weekly material. Group Slack Chat supervisor_account Small Group Discussion Get answers to your questions, discuss the material, and network with other coaches. Example Exercises & Programs I don’t expect you to just take the principles and immediately know what to do. That takes hours and years of reps with clients. I give you step-by-step processes with tons of example exercises and programs to help you build your own model. Review the weekly study guide questions to guide your learning and any related material. Weekly Review Session phonelink Weekly Recorded Presentation Presentations that build on each other sequentially for ease of learning. The call is recorded in case you have to miss one.

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Training Manager, CPT at The Fit Lab, NYC

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Powerlifting Coach

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Athletic Trainer, CSCS

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Physical Therapist, CSCS

  • Deep-dive on anatomy & biomechanics of the human body- shoulder, ribcage, pelvis, knee, foot, etc.
  • Learn how our natural genetic predispositions & asymmetrical body biases us into certrain positions, postures, and musculature orientations
  • Specific exercises for different movement & posture patterns
  • Assessment protocol to objectively determine individual client needs

Week 1: Basic Principles + Biomechanical Respiration Strategies

Week 2: Lower Body & Gait Biomechanics

Week 3: Ribcage, Shoulder, & Upper Body Biomechanics

Week 4: Comprehensive Assessment Protocol

  • Apply concepts of patterned postures to minimize potential movement limitations
  • Modify how traditional exercises are executed to match the needs of the client
  • Design a progressive program to help best bridge the gap between rehab and performance
  • Optimize recovery strategies
  • Strategies for improving gait, running, and sprinting performance
  • Learn how to incoroporate biomechanical strategies into plyometrics as well as linear & multidirectional speed training

Week 5: Compensation Patterns in Human Movement & Posture

Week 6: Progression Model & Positional/Warm-Up Drills

Week 7: Weightroom Exercise Selection

Week 8: Plyometric, Speed Training, & Athletic Development

  • Learn how biomechanics & genetic predispositions can affect the choices made in Energy System Development
  • Effectively and confidently program for each type of biomechanical presentation in aerobic & anaerboic training
  • Take all of the material learned and work through specific case study examples before doing it on your own
  • Fully implement programming concepts together. Design a program with your small group in a cohesive manner and practically apply the concepts you’ve learned to your own clientele
  • Learn the most effective cues, motor learning principles, and coaching skills to improve your practical application of the biomechanical principles
  • Marketing, brand-building, and selling processes for online & in-person businesses
  • Take the certification test during Week 12 to become a Certified Biomechanics Specialist

Week 9: Energy System Development (Aerobic & Anaerobic Training)

Week 10: Putting it all Together – Case Studies

Week 11: Group Case Studies

Week 12:  The Art of Coaching & Business + Certification Test

Per Month
Weekly group presentation

Exercise libarary and programs

Small group discussion

One-on-one support from me

Weekly study guide + quiz

Biomechanics Specialist Certification + 2.0 NSCA CEUs

Lifetime Access to Post-Program Group