BEGINNER BIOMECHANICS & PERFORMANCE GROUP Kickstart your skillset to help improve yourself and others

Slide WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who is interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of:

How the body works: Anatomy & Biomechanics
How to assess the body to find limitations & determine what needs to be addressed
Creating a logical program & progression for improving movement, posture & performance in the gym
People who want to use this knowledge as a stepping-stone for the Coaches' Biomechanics Course.

Whether you are a Personal Trainer, or just a regular person trying to understand your own body better, this course requires zero previous knowledge of anatomy or physiology!

Slide What's Included View all the previous review sessions that have been recorded. Coaching, assessments, and the study guides are reviewed in-depth. Group Slack Chat supervisor_account Access Past Review Sessions Get answers to your questions, discuss the material, and network with other coaches. Example Exercises & Programs I don’t expect you to just take the principles and immediately know what to do. That takes hours and years of reps with clients. I give you step-by-step processes with tons of example exercises and programs to help you build your own model. I host a complementary 2-hour call once per month for you to join and ask any questions and get practical experience coaching the assessments & exercises in the program. Monthly Review Session phonelink Four Presentations Presentations that build on each other sequentially for ease of learning. All slides, study guides, and materials are provided.

Slide WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS PROGRAM & THE MAIN PROGRAM? The beginner program is not necessary in order to participate in the main program.

The beginner program is for you if:
You do not have a degree in Exercise Science or a related field
You want to improve your knowledge of basic anatomy & biomechanical principles. This includes muscle function, bones, joints, etc.
You have less than 2 years experience coaching clients
You want to develop a foundation of principles before attending the main program

Jason' Testimonial

Training Manager, CPT at The Fit Lab, NYC

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Powerlifting Coach

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Megan's Testimonial

Athletic Trainer, CSCS

Joe's Testimonial

Physical Therapist, CSCS

  • Learn the basic anatomy, muscle function, and biomechanical relevance of important muscle groups
  • Appreciate how muscles and joints interact in human movement, specifically within the gait (walking) cycle
  • Deep-dive on how natural human asymmetrical patterns influence the aforementioned topics
  • Implement basic exercises for improving lower body functionality
  • Learn basic anatomy, function, and biomechanical relevance of major upper body musculature & joints
  • Appreciate how the upper body interacts with the lower body in human movement. We will focus on specifically the ribcage, shoulder, and arm.
  • Deep-dive on how natural human asymmetrical patterns influence the aforementioned topics
  • Implement basic exercises for improving upper body functionality
  • Learn a thorough (yet easy to implement) assessment process for understanding limitations of a given individual
  • Understand the biomechanical relevance of the proposed basic assessment protocol
  • Be able to identify and contextualize limitations that show up during assessments
  • Go through several assessments with peers to improve your understanding and practical application
  • Understand principles of programming for successful outcomes
  • Take information from the assessment process and create a logical, progression-based program to improve movement, posture, and performance
  • Be able to effectively program corrective exercise, warm-up, and weightroom exercises to improve the aforementioned qualities of movement & performance
  • Appreciate several real case studies to improve practical application skills
One-time payment
Four presentations
Example exercises and programs
Weekly additional reading + study guide
Access to Slack Chat
Monthly Q&A + Coaching Call
Access to all previous review sessions