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10 Oct: A Guide on “Knocked Knees” or Inwardly Collpasing Knees

Knocked knees are a result of the body trying to find joint actions it is naturally missing in order to complete the gait cycle, or allow for full human movement. This comes at a cost of stressing tissues and joints around the pelvis and knee. To fix it, we should start with the root of the problem – the pelvis in Anteiror Tilt.

05 Oct: What To Do about Winged Scapula & Outwardly-Pointing Shoulder Blades

Winged scapula are often a result of the shoulder blade not being able to glide freely on the ribcage due to compression within it (poor breathing mechanics). This causes the scapula to deviate outward in an attempt to find more movement.

04 Oct: Pronated & Flat Foot Arches – The Fix

If your feet are flat, you are not going to get your arch to “re-rise” without a lot of help, especially from something like an orthodic. Pay attention to your pelvis because it’s a primary factor.